Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 70! (Sept. 28. 2014)

Hello family! I love you all so much! This week was full of more changes. Sis. Hemi was transfered on Wednesday and now I am companions with Sis. Russon from Lehi, Utah. I do'nt know why i keep getting paired up with english speakers lately, but it's a lot of fun. When we showed up for transfers there were a lot of people transfering. (President likes to change things around a lot and very randomly. He does a lot of random transfers each week so that we will never know what is coming up.) When we got there, I saw SISTER NATARTE! I almost had a heart attack I was so excited. I don't think my smile has been that big in a long time. It made me think about what it might feel like in the Celestial Kingdom when we all see each other again. She wanted me to tell you that she loves you and she is still using the Journal that mom gave her for Christmas. I will miss her so much. She told me that she has been porayong that we will be companions again... haha. At least I got to see her one more time before I go. Sister Russon is a great companion and is very calm and hard working. It's been a great influence to be around. I don't know why I am still a sister training leader, or why I am on my 5th companion here in Paglaum, but things are going well. All the sisters who became STL with me have been "released" or switched to different positions, so I know my time  is approaching, but for now I'm just enjoying finding, teaching, and baptizing no matter where I am. I love Paglaum and feel so close to all the members and investigators here. 

Yesterday, Jefty (the former bully *in his own words*), didn't come to church. I was freaking out a little. He's already been 3 times and just told us on wednesday that he would ever skip church no matter what. When we got to his house, we found him super pale and weak and he told us he had gone to get a check up at the hospital and couldn't get back in time for church. I was relieved... and then I realized that it was so mean that I was glad he was sick and had to go to the hospital. He is fine now, and we gave him a prayer. They will all be baptized on OCT 11 (right after general conference).

Yesterday, one of my favorite investigators came to church finally. Her name is litterally: Princess Claire Estocado. I am 99% convinced she is a real princess from some other country because her attitude and termperment is that of a true princess. She is so pretty, so quiet, so smart, so kind, and so perfect. We found her three weekds ago, but she is already finishing up third Nephi. She hasn't come to church yet because she is too shy to come by herself. She said she had never been to any church before. She is 18, but so gorgeous. We told her we would wait outside the gate and we could all walk in together. It worked and she made so many friends and wants to come back again next week. I have really seen in this area how book of mormon reading is the key too successful and lasting conversion. The investigators or less-actives who are reading are so much stronger and fast in their inderstanding. I love the Bookof Mormon, but I love even more the excitement of Sister Claire as she explained when the Savior appeared to the people and testified of her own excitement of seeing the Savior again. I love being a missionary. There is no other work that is this important or this rewarding. I love you all back home! I hope you are really enjoying each moment in the Book of Mormon and not just going through the motions. I know it will be much more rewarding and helpful if we take the time to enjoy and learn from these sacred texts. I love you! Have a good week! 

Give Sister Smoot a big hug for me! (Ah, now she's just Jenna!) :( 

Love you!

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