Sunday, September 7, 2014

Letter #67 (Sept. 7, 2014) 2 months to go!

This week we moved apartments! Our house was too big for only two of us, so we moved in with the Sisters in the ward in Mansilingan. (15 minutes away). It is now a super old, dusty house, so we have been spending our time cleaning and making it more of a happy place to live. I actually really enjoy cleaning, hopefully it carries over when I come home :)

This week we have been seeing so so so many miracles. I wasn't completely doubting this area, but the miles of sugar cane were a little discouraging.  I was analyzing travel time, safety, how to find houses in the middle of the jungle with no map, etc. etc. But we do have a small area actually inside of Paglaum Village that is a lot more densely populated. So since we are not allowed to be in the sugar cane fields at night, as soon as it gets dark, we have been trying to find investigators in the Village. That is where our old house is and the houses are actual houses, not just bamboo. That means actual trackting and working hard core with the members. This is the first time in my entire mission that I have gone trackting. Because it it discouraged. But we really had nothing else to do. Through this, we now have three new family investigators. On top of that, we have been meeting with all the members and I was able to figure out a series of lessons to teach the members in order to receive more referrals and get them involved in missionary work. Through 15 minute member lessons (weekly lessons with the members for only 15 min. This is a tool president has asked us to schedule, but before we would just share a scripture. Now we are making it more useful) I just love the spirit and the personal revelation we are able to receive. The first lesson is all about the family, centered on the restoration. We focused on building their faith in the message of the restoration, and committed them to pray if Joseph Smith is a true prophet. The second lesson to the members is about the holy ghost. How the holy ghost will tell us which one of our friends are ready. Because God wants us to do missionary work, he will help us.  They get to use their faith and receive revelation from the holy ghost to know which one of their friends is ready. The third lesson, we set a specific activity or time for us to meet that friend. We practice with the family how to extend the invitation. It has been really fun getting to know the families and seeing their faith. It is so strong. It is cool to see them actually start acting on their faith as well and see it grow even more. I am so grateful that I was able to help them... even just a little.

This week we have had a lot of fun with our new families, teaching them and preparing them for baptism.  If you remember, sister Jeanbie. She introduced us to her two friends who live next door. They are both boys her same age. All three of them came to churchyesterday and have baptism dates as well. Then, after church, Sister Jeanbie asked if she could work with us. We had a relief society member come with us and all four of us visited all of our investigators. I was a little worried she might get tired, or overwhelmed with all of the different principals we discussed (because she is only on plan of salvation), but afterward, she said she learned so much and she wants to keep working with us. She said she wants to be a missionary when she turns 19 too. Even though she is only 16, and we've only known her for 1 week, her faith has grown tremendously. I am so grateful for her courage and her desire to continue in missionary work. If an investigator can do missionary work, anyone can! She is truly an inspiration. We have an FHE scheduled tonight, so pictures will follow next week with all of them! Thank you mom for praying for Sister Jeanbie, I know it has helped her a lot!

I love all of you and for your support. I really do love all of you and I am excited to continue to accelerate my speed. The thought of my time approaching motivates me to be better, more energetic, and more engaged in this cause. I'm so excited for ally as she leaves to Chile this week! Remember I love you ally! You are the best Hermana Smoot ever! Remember to always keep your expectations high, it will increase your faith which will increase the miracles. EXPECT MIRACLES! I love you!

Love, sister smoot

P.S. i'm good! my filippina comp just found out her family is moving to Canada... so she has to leave with her family because of visa things next week. she is crying. I am too because she is supposed to go home in Jan. She is so sad

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