Monday, September 8, 2014


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FHE with John, Mark Aventura and their neighbor who is a member, brother Boyet. They loved it and committed to keep having FHE every monday... How is our family's FHE?

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John Aventura got baptized this week. He is 15 and also received the priesthood with his brother in church after his baptism and confirmation... what a day. He reads the book of mormon Sooo fast. Almost faster than me! He is already in 2 Nephi.

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 Brother Mark Aventura (13 years old)
His brother(16) was supposed to get baptized too, but was too scared to bear his testimony. We returned to the house later last night, and we talked about fear vs. faith. He committed again to be baptized next week after he prays to God if that is right. After the lesson he thanked us for giving him a second chance to follow God.

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Mark Aventura August 31.2014 happy birthday mom

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Our area.... all day long. We were so muddy, we had to stop and wash because our feet were getting itchy. We have less appointments because of all the hiking, but we are seeing miracles from the sacrifice. I LOVE the PHILIPPINES!

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(OHHHH...Isn't she is just the cutest!?)  (This skirt has been the best skirt and totally fitting for this mission. She picked it up at DI before she left and it's so perfect!! Especially in this picture! Forget addresses-They are in the jungle)

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