Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Letter # 54 (June 8, 2014)

This week was great! Two of our favorite Investigators were baptized on Saturday!! Brother Ronel and Brother Joemarie. Their journey was a long, rought, and drastic change, but to see the difference in their countenances just fills my own soul. Baptisms always give us more energy to work harder and longer to continue the work. Brother Ronel and Brother Joemarie both work at the Resteraunt "Kubo sa Lawn" with our recent convert Arnold. Brother Arnold received the Aaronic priesthood after his baptism and confirmation, and was able to baptize his two friends on Saturday. He was so professional and prepared and the spirit was so strong with all of them. I love seeing the change in people. Even from the first day that i met them up till now... Heavenly Father is just helping me to see their potential and they are going to be such a great strength to this ward. Brother Arnold was just recently called to be the Young Men's Secratary. We are so grateful for the support of the ward and for their willingness to help!

Saturday we worked hard all day trying to go to EVERYBODY, but almost every appointment fell through. I have to admit i was a little down because there is always so much pressure to have the highest key indicators in the district and each week has to be higher or else we receive a text telling us they are too low... etc. I was a little stressed, so on Saturday Night I got ready for bed extra fast and just spent time reading the Liahona before i went to bed. It helped recharge me and focus on faith and hope. Then during my personal study after church on Sunday, i re-focused and determined that we would receive 7 member present lessons. I shared my desire with sister de Leon and we made it a companion desire. We called some extra members so that we could do a split in order to reach more investigators. We have so many progressing investigators, but they are far apart from each other so it is hard to reach all of them. I was paired with a member that is a little hard to work with, but has such a giant spirit so her spirit just melts people's hearts. After working like the world was about to end and returning home with sprained muscles and sweat-drenched clothes and bangs, we accounted to the Lord for the Day. After totaling our numbers, we had more success in one day, than we had for almost the entire week. We were able to have 11 member present lessons, receive 3 referrals, contact 2 referrals, receive 4 new investigators and teach 3 less active members. I know that the lord truly gave these numbers to us. But it's not the numbers he gave us... these numbers represent souls. He helped us to help other souls through our faith and prayers and goal setting.  I know he won't always give us the numbers we want and won't always give us such drastic success. But I know that He is aware of us. We each receive tender mercies every day, some more drastic and miraculous than others. Yesterday, our miracles were drastic.  I know that this is His work. This is the Lord's work, SO HE WILL NOT FAIL. This means: WE WILL NOT FAIL! Isn't that such a hopeful thought? We can't get discouraged and down about our responsibilities or pressures because this is His work, we are merely the HANDS. 

Thank you for your letters even though I'm trying not to be jealous that you are in Europe without me. Tell dad Happy Fathers day and give him extra hugs for me. I'll send him his own letter next week! love you Lots!
Love, Sister Smoot

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