Friday, November 29, 2013

Pictures of Sister Smoot!

We needed coconut in one of our recipes... so our housemate Sister Ang went out to our backyard and grabbed a coconut that had recently fallen, opened it, scraped out the inside, and made coconut milk out of the scrapings.... yes, I will be wonderwoman when I return!

My first package! Thanks mom and dad! I'm still praying we will get the one sent 4 months ago.

2 Americans in the middle of a Typhoon who desperately need chocolate...(yes it was that time) Sister Peterson and I can make anything! These are our infamous PAN COOKIES made with no oven. 

The elders had a baptism too. But this is my Beloved Juan Karlo!

One of our Investigators, Sister Isabel (the one who used to run away from us) has a banana tree. This year, only one bushel of bananas grew and then after they grow you have to let them ripe for weeks. She generously gave us each two of their precious banana's. ("Sagging" in Ilonggo) 

We were really stressed this day and no one was letting us teach them. So on our way through this shortcut we found, we realized it was one of the most beautiful parts of this whole town. We took a picture to relieve our stress and enjoy the beauty around us. Yes, I'm learning to take appropriate breaks to manage my stress! This is the gorgeous Sister Natarte.

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