Sunday, December 1, 2013

#27 12-1-2013

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to me-

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving was fun. I have pictures but I can't send them until next week. I tried my best to make it special for me and sister Peterson. Out of the six sisters we are the only americans. I made Tuna Caserol (stove top only), homemade gravy with a chicken bullion cube, flour, and water and salt (we didn't have any pepper), and mashed potatoes (powdered milk and salt with potatoes all mashed up-again no pepper :)) It was pretty good. And our companions even helped and made their version of pie, Mango Float (mangos, cream, grahm crackers. it's really good.  
For my birthday, sister Natarte made me lunch and it was Pancit. She said that is what everyone eats on their birthday so I had a real Philippines birthday! 

Our investigators are so amazing and we are finding so many people who have amazing testimonies and amazing faith. I always feel the spirit as I'm working and teaching and listening. They are such good examples to me. One of them is Brother Borj Penafil.  He is a miracle in our work. He want's to know everything and he is incredible smart. He wants to know a lot of details, but he's willing to search for his own answers. He's only 26 but he doesn't have a job so he has a lot of time to read the Book of Mormon. We only met him on monday but he came to church yesterday and committed to be baptized on Christmas. He as a few things to work out first, but we know that he will do it because he is really close the spirit and keep receiving "revelation from God" during his nightly prayers. It's so incredible to be able to talk to these people. I just can't even believe how lucky I am so spend time with them. 

Trisha didn't get baptized because of some random ward drama, but it will be moved to middle of December. I just need to keep moving on and doing my best. It's just hard when I don't feel my best is enough.  I really am grateful for everything you have given me and for your letters this week! 

I love you, 

Sister Smoot

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