Friday, November 29, 2013

#26 11-24-2013

This week has been really stressful. I'm not sure why, but it's been really hard.  President told us the times around the holidays are always hard for missionaries, but I'm also hitting my six-month mid mission crises. All sister missionaries apparently have a hard time after six months in the mission. The weird thing, is that I hit seven months in a week and a half.  Don't worry, I'm fine,   just a little extra emotional for some reason. But as we focus on our investigators, everything else just seems so insignificant.

Sister Bushman, Our Sister training Leader for our zone, has been living with us for the last two transfers and has helped me so much. I can't really explain. She's a little older, but she has really developed all of the Christlike attributes, while still keeping a fun personality. She has answered a lot of my questions just over meals and has helped me as a new missionary, as a sister missionary, and just as a human being. She is like my "older sister" that I've always wanted! Haha. This day is a little hard because she left last night to go to the city since she is going home this week. It's always weird to have missionaries you know so well go home. It's a little sad, but it also makes you painfully aware that our time here is so short and motivates us to keep working hard.  All of our investigators are slowly stopping to progress, but we are really just trying to find new investigators... like all the time. But that is just missionary work, right? We really need the members, but it's making me want to move to some other state just to help the missionaries. I wish I could double myself sometimes and live here in the area so I could get to know everyone and help them feel welcome in the ward. This is a huge work in progress over here! Haha.

This week a little girl, Aleah (age 10), came up to us as we were crossing the street and asked us if we could come visit her family. We scheduled a time with her, but weren't too excited because a lot of kids like to talk to me because I'm so different. But when we got there, her mother was excited and willing to listen and her first question was, "so what's the book of mormon?" We were so excited. Sister Aleah even came to church and wore her nicest clothes and a cute little headband. I am excited to see the progress of her family. Hopefully they all share the excitement of the Spirit that little Aleah has alread caught on to. She even read the entire lesson 1 pamplet, even though it is in Tagalog. There are miracles everywhere, sometimes I just forget to see them.
I love you all and am so grateful for you!
Love, Sister Smoot

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