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Week #12 (August 5, 2013)

Wow! I can't believe president put that video online. Now I'm trying to remember what I was saying... hopefully I've improved from that practice! Haha, so apparently you want a run down of my week instead of what I was doing before, so I don't really know what that here is my attempt.

Monday: We woke up, I ran around in the kitchen, we ate breakfast and got ready then had personal study, companionship study, went to the email shop, went to the grocery store, and then came back to the apartment and cleaned and finished up all our laundry and I wrote a few letters. That night we had FHE with brother Lope's family. They obviously didn't know what it is so we wrote a program for the night and explained all the parts and had so much fun with their whole family. Our lesson was on temples and eternal families and we gave them a picture of a temple to hang on their wall as a goal.  During the game they were all laughing so hard and the spirit of love and families was very strong.  Sometimes it makes me homesick when I remember how close our family is, but then I just get so happy and I'm full of joy because I get to help other families have the same love and joy that we will always get to have together because of the gospel and the Holy Ghost in our home.  So thank you for continuing to have the spirit in our home and keeping it a sacred place. **Something funny: we were going to get them a treat at the store for FHE but then sister manosig said she was already planning on making them egg salad sandwiches. I was confused, because when I think treat, I automatically go to chocolate or something, but she was sure they would enjoy the eggs. I assumed it was a culture thing until we pulled out the sandwiches and the little kids were sniffing the sandwiches curiously and one of them didn't want to eat it. I was laughing a little bit at the situation, but only inside because I felt so bad for Sis. Manosig who worked so hard on making all of them. I ate double just to show my appreciation... but I think from now on we will stick with chocolate.
After FHE the village started flooding so we had to go home before the jeepneys stopped running. When we got home, we planned, showered from the floods (actually it's required to shower two times a day so tell brittany to bring enough garments for that, you will want them)  and then journal writing, finished updating all of our teaching records, said our prayers and zonked out asleep until 6:30!

Tuesday: District Meeting! We do all our studies after district meeting on tuesday so after exercise we take two jeepney rides to our stake center building for district meeting.  Jenna was there all packed up for her transfer and then a few minutes after I got there, the AP told her she was going to be training and moving to a new area (whitewashed and training). She started crying because it's really overwhelming, especially if you don't know the language very well yet. I just gave her a huge hug ( yes, I broke the no hugging rule) and told her that she can do this because she is so amazing and the Lord is going to be with her every step of the way and she is so good with the people.... you know, all the stuff that really doesn't help, but you say anyway.  Actually we hugged a lot until I had to leave. She really is going to do so well. I know the lord doesn't ask us to do anything that we can't do. I'm praying for her but I won't get to see her very much anymore because she transferred out of our zone. I am still with Sis. Manosig in Magsungay ward. But tuesday was hard for us because our two roommates went home. It was weird to think about when this mission will come to a close and when I will need to come home! I have so much to do still! Haha. So sister Manosig and I Were by ourselves for a few days until Thursday when we got our new Sisters: Sister Ulusasa (not sure about the spelling) from Samoa and a ward missionary. Sister Ulusasa's companion is stuck at the MTC because of problems with her passport, so for the next six weeks her companion will be a ward missionary from another stake. Every two weeks they will switch out. She is so stressed as well because she doesn't know the area and she doesn't have a companion... so we are trying to help her as much as possible and encourage the ward to help her. She is very diligent and hard working so it has been very refreshing to live with her. Plus she is samoan so very happy and fun and also taller than me so I don't feel like such a giant! Haha.
Okay, so I just realized I mixed up all the days, but I don't really like this format.

example of a regular day:
Wednesday we did all of our studies and then went out to work. We taught six less active families, and six investigator lessons, found seven new investigators and this was all between going to three different towns/areas/villages I don't really know what to call them.  So I don't really know what you want to know about my days, is this what you were talking about? 

On saturday we normally go proselyting before our baptism but on friday night President Lopez told us he would be attending our baptism on Saturday. Since our baptisms normally start late, we wanted to stop by the church to make sure everything was being prepared to start on time. When we got there, the gates were still locked. So we had to track down who had the keys and who was responsible for the prep.... eventually ( one hour later) we were able to get in and start cleaning with some other ward members. But the water pressure wasn't working for the font.... I was praying this whole day. Also, the baptismal clothes were not ironed so we left bishop in charge of figuring out how to fill the font and we took the clothes back to our apartment to iron.  Basically, we were rushing like crazy. But I could tell Sister Manosig was getting stressed so I just looked at her and said, we are going to learn something from this! I just kept smiling even though I looked like a crazy person and just kept praying in my heart, and actually praying while in the Jeepney.  We wanted the best possible baptism for Bro. Lope.  We had one appointment who has been waiting for so long at 3:00 and the baptism was at 4:00. So we decided to make it a quick lesson and still do it.  After a quick lesson, we invited him to the baptism (which we always do but no one ever comes).  When we got to the church after our lesson, the church was beautiful.  It had been cleaned, the font was filled and we had lots of ward members for support. But Lope still wasn't there. I said my twentieth prayer (haha, or something around there) and literally five seconds later, Brother Lope AND his wife Rosy walked around the corner. The baptism was the most reverent service we have ever had and when Brother Lope bore his testimony afterwards, I was full of so much joy it was just like it is explained in Alma when your heart is literally swelling. I am so happy for his family and I know that the Lord has answered so many of my prayers and I have literally seen miracles while I've been here. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I know I will continue to grow and learn and improve and I am so grateful for that. I love you all and I am so grateful that you have raised me on these precious truthes. I hope all is well! Love you tons!! 
Palangga ko kamo!
Sister Smoot  

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