Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week # 13 (August 12, 2013)

Dear Family,

Ok so I can't really think of anything that happened this week, it was all a major blur. In my journal I've just been trying to write down miracles that happen everyday so that I don't forget the Lord's hand in my life.  

A couple of miracles this week. We have an investigator who we were working with majorly for a few weeks to get her ready for baptism. We had so many lessons and were really trying to help her be prepared. But to be honest, I felt like it was more of dragging her than helping her. Anyway, she didn't pass her baptismal interview and afterward, she was actually happy/relieved that she couldn't get baptized. Obviously there was some sort of disconnect in communication between us, the spirit and the sister. She asked us not to come by anymore and we have been really sad about it. Then, a week later, she randomly texted us with a "how are you sisters!" We were shocked and we kept texting each other throughout the day. She still won't have a lesson with her, but we were able to visit her a few times to say hello and she is starting to warm up to us again.  I don't know what will happen, but I DO know that the spirit works in unknown ways.  I don't know why she decided to start talking to us again, but I know it was because of God and the Holy Ghost and I know that anyone who comes in contact with the Holy Ghost or comes in contact with the truth, will eventually want it to stay in their lives because you cannot deny the power and peace that comes from God and His restored gospel on the Earth Today. 

As far as living goes, things are going great.  There are the few little bumps in the road, like I'm still learning how to not freak out when other missionaries touch a lot of raw meat and then splatter it across the counter and then touch everything and there is no disinfectant and they don't believe that raw meat can make you sick.... okay, so I'm freaking out a little. But I'm trying to be careful and I've pretty much become a person who does not eat meat. I just eat eggs and bread and yogurt and ramen and tuna (so it's like i'm in college again haha) 
I've been seeing more rats lately so that has been fun, but I know the Lord has blessed me with peace because I still haven't even squealed  As in, my heart rate doesn't even go up when I see them. It really is a miracle.  

There is so much work to be done here and I am so grateful for the fact that we are always so busy. It keeps the time going fast and keeps us on our toes. We always need to be in tune with the spirit.  One morning I woke up and I was seriously so sad. There was not any reason, I just sat there... sad. It was weird and hormonal.  I could have stayed in bed like everybody else, but I knew I had made a promise to myself and the Prophet and the Lord when I signed my acceptance to become a missionary that I would follow all of the rules. So I woke up and exercised and was still feeling kind of sad, but as soon as I started reading the Book of Mormon, my whole spirit changed.
I know that the Book of Mormon has the Power of God. I know that they are literally the words of God. It doesn't matter where you are reading or what you are reading or how you are feeling, the Book of Mormon will help you. I can't even tell you what chapter i read or what I learned from them that day. I can only tell you that I have a testimony of the Power of God. And when we are doing what we are supposed to do, God will bless us in every aspect of our lives. Reading the Book of Mormon everyday isn't a chore or something to check off of a To Do List, but it is a way that we receive personal revelation from God and become spiritually uplifted for our day.  
I just want you to know that I have a testimony of this Gospel and of the Book of Mormon and I know that we can do all things through God and following his commandments  Because they are there to help us, not to just give us a To Do list.  I love you all and I am so grateful for all of you and for all of your support!
Lots of Love,
Sister Smoot

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