Friday, May 30, 2014

Letter # 51 (May 18, 2014) with pictures!

Makopa! Dipped in Soy Sauce! Brother Tony our investigator who used to be a Catholic Minister will be baptized on June 7. He gave us a whole bag of Makopa (fruit).

(I looked this Makopa up: +Makopa-tree is a healthy tropical flowering fruit. Makopa is also called Tambis, +Rose-Apple or Wax Apple tree. Makopa fruit has different colors, pink, red, yellow or green. It has a waxy and crispy skin. The white fruit inside is tangy and juicy. It is sweet when it´s ripe and sometimes has a bitter taste. 

Makopa is a +Healthy-fruit which contains Vitamin C, iron, protein, calcium, phosphorous and fiber. It helps lower blood sugar. The roots, barks and leaves help against illnesses like diarrhea and sore throat.)
Sister de Leon

Dear Family, 

I think I will start with a more humorous story today.  The past few weeks, I've had extra hair damage and split ends and ripping. I had so many little "fly-aways" around my face, it was like I had some bangs, but all un-even. I decided to even it up a little bit so it would at least look like I had bangs on purpose and not so much that I was a homeless child.  So I borrowed Sister de Leons little paper scissors and started "fixing" my hair... I'm really sorry mom, but your daughter is now a little unusual looking.  I should have known better and remember the time when I was 5 years old and did the same thing. I have not improved much in my hair-cutting abilities. The best part, was that I decided to fix them on Saturday during lunch right before the baptism... yup, the pictures are awesome.  Don't worry, Sister de Leon reassured me that I am a daughter of God, and therefore it is impossible that I am ugly, because there are no ugly daughters of God. So, I'm not ugly, I'm just a little unuasual for a while. It's alright, I'm sure they will grow back in the next six months before you see me again!

Yesterday we had a miracle with one of our families. Remember brother Nephi from last week? We had the powerful lesson about mothers day combined with the Savior. NEPHI CAME TO CHURCH. Not only did Nephi come, but all of the less-active members of the family came with him.  He is the oldest child and led all of his brothers and sisters to church with him for his mother. It's always exciting to see progression, especially in a potentially strong priesthood holder, I hope he continues to help his family!

This week was the baptism of Maria Fe Valero and Mariam Valero. Their parents were baptized last year while the children were living with their grandparents in a different area. This week they were able to join their parents as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They are some of the most gorgeous little girls I have met. Guapa Guapa! Maria Fe is 11 and Mariam is 8 years old, but they are so smart and humble and kind. I love teaching kids, especially since the rest of our investigators are older males. After teaching a lot of tougher-hearted investigators, it is always such a breath of fresh air to visit their home. The spirit is so strong when you teach little kids, you can just feel the pure love that Jesus Christ has for them. Of course He loves all of us, but there is a special feeling of comfort, protection, and patience for all of the little children. I love being able to feel of that perfect love and help extend it to them.  The baptism was a sweet experience too.

This week was the baptism of Maria Fe Valero and Mariam Valero.
Also, ME with bangs!

I love all of you so much and I hope you feel my prayers! I am doing great and loving teaching and learning and growing. I'm so glad I made the decision to serve and am able to better organize my priorities in my life. Little things like ugly hair might have seemed like a bigger deal before, but it doesn't really phase me now. There are too many other sweet moments in life to let a few unusual ones get me down. I hope we can all keep our positive insights and better prioritize the things we are focusing on. Are we letting bad hair days affect our attitudes? Or can we let bad hair days give us something to laugh about. I love you all!
Love, Sister Smoot

Celebrating my ONE YEAR mark! I decided to eat some ice-cream

One of the 20 cockroaches in our kitchen. The little buggers!!
Remember how I was telling you about all the giant cockroaches that bite you and they swell up super big? Yeah, well that same day I got another one, I've decided to never talk about them again, I'll just be cursed from it :) Don't stress, the swelling went down after a couple of days. 

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