Monday, May 12, 2014

Letter #50 (May 11, 2014)

I'm so thankful I was able to talk to you! Next time I see you I'll be coming off the plane! (in 6 months) HAha, don't worry, I'm not trunky :) Thanks for your love and concern and most importantly HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM!

This week we were actually teaching a lot of lessons about mothers day and how we can better show our mom and family members in general how we love them. In this culture, people don't tell their mom's that they love them. Everyone we taught said that they had never told their mom that they loved them. We talked about how it is important to speak with our words and our actions.  We actually had a lot of powerful lessons. One in particular was yesterday afternoon with a less-active young single adult. His mom is one of our most active members, but he and his dad are less-active.  He is 23 years old and his name is Nephi (Yes, I asked sister De Leon, "What would Nephi feel to know that the other Nephi is less-active. We actually have 2 people named nephi who are less-active in this ward.)  We were talking about mothers day and I read in 1 Nephi 5:1 where Lehi and Sariah cried for the welfare of their children. I asked a question that was not from my own thoughts (those are my favorite) and asked, "What would you feel like if you knew your mother cried for you/because of you?") He looked down for a while then said he couldn't really describe it. He would be really sad. Then I asked him, what would you feel if your Heavenly Father cried because of you?” The room was just full of the spirit and we were just letting him soak up the spirits revelation for himself. Then I asked him what he should do, to show God and his mother that he loves them. He listed a bunch of commandments that he was breaking and committed to start following them. We testified that the Holy Ghost himself told him those things to work on, so keep those revelations sacred. The Lesson was a very powerful and meaningful lesson, even for myself as I learned from the things I was teaching. How would I feel if mom cried because of something I did or said. I’m sure it has happened because I am so selfish and rude (especially my teenage self). So my question to myself and to all of you (Ally, meg, kenna, lilly) How can we better ourselves in order to help our mother, and better yet, our Savior. It’s a question that I’ve been pondering, and I think it will better help to motivate me to stay Obedient in times of Temptation. 

I love you all and hope your lives are full of the gospel. It’s the only way to be happy. Our mission vision has three principals that have helped me to become the missionary I am and the person that I am. #1. Exact Obedience  #2. Preach My Gospel Scholar  #3. Weekly Baptizing. (I will change weekly baptizing when I get home to other goals, but the point is, we can do all things through obedience and powerful study… even weekly baptisms. I know that this vision has caused me a lot of stress, but has made me grow more than anything else could of. I know that this vision is from God, and I will be forever grateful as I continue to grow and change into a more holier person. I still have a long way to go, but I’m excited about the confidence I have gained in the Savior, that I have the opportunity to change myself and improve each day to become more like Him. I love you all so much and hope you remember how much I love you, but also how much God loves you!! Lots of love,
Sister Smoot

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