Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week # 4 (June 6, 2013)

Week # 4
(940 new missionaries arrived this Wednesday-New record!)

First of all, all the weeks are blurring together and they are pretty much the same, just with different growing experiences. So, sorry if this is semi-boring. I forgot to tell you last week that the west MTC Campus opened. They officially opened the Raintree Apartments for MTC housing. It's crazy to be apart of such important History in the Church.  Also this week, our district got to help host the new missionaries that arrived yesterday and help them get their books and drop off their luggage and find their classrooms.  They broke the record with about 940 new missionaries coming in one day.  It was crazy, but more impressive than that was how smoothly everything goes.  The Church is definitely organized.  I got to Host one international sister who was from Australia, and three other sisters from America.  It was kind of hard to see all the families crying and it reminded me of when I was dropped off.  Sometimes I can't believe it's already been four weeks.  Only 1 1/2 more weeks until I leave to the Philippines, and I get my travel plans tomorrow
Last Sunday we got to watch The Legacy.  I was so excited because I remember watching it every Sunday when we were about 10 years old.  However, I forgot (didn't realize at the time) how cheesy it is.  I couldn't help but laugh at the random comments. And my personal favorite line is, "If we ever meet again, it will be Zion to me!" If it's been a while since you've seen it, you should watch it. When you can feel the spirit and laugh your head off, you know it's a keeper.  Also, a random thought, it's been a long time since any of us have seen kissing, and when the main couple get married, they obviously kiss. All the missionaries started squirming and freaking out. I mean, it's a very wholesome move, it is just weird to realize how sensitized we are.  It's a good thing, just unexpected. Now I better understand the awkwardness of Returned Missionaries. 
Our language is getting better each week.  I never thought I would be able to communicate before I left, but the gift of tongues is real.  I'm pretty sure I'll be confused when I get over there and hear the "real" language, but for now, I'm really happy with how much we've been blessed.  Our teacher on Wednesday told us we were fluent.  I don't really believe him, but he kept insisting that because we were able to communicate with him and other TRC volunteers, then that makes us fluent.  Either way, it makes me feel better to know that at least I know how to say "The Church is True," and "We're fat, we need to run." JaJa Joklang.
I finally bought headphones for the gym.  There is a gym that always has Elder Holland talks, Mormon Messages, and the Joseph Smith movie playing while you work out.  I've been watching them without sound for three weeks, but this last week I finally bought them.  It's a really good time to relax your ind while still being uplifted. Also, it's good to de-stress and get moving around since we basically just Eat and Sit (even though we are intellectually and spiritually working out, our bodies are pretty much dormant.) 
This last Monday, our whole zone left for the field (that's around 55 missionaries).  So our district, just the 13 of us were the only ones left until yesterday when all 6 other district filled up.  That added 57 new missionaries at once.  That hardly ever happens.  Our first day, we got to get the tour and meet with our zone leaders and sister training leaders with only the 13 of us.  Since this was a special case, our whole district got to help.  Since we have six companionships, we all split up by companionship and each got to answer questions and give a tour to one district.  It was weird to realize how long we've been here, how many P-Days we've had, and how much we have grown since that first day.  I know I decided to serve a mission to help others, but I really have grown up way more than I expected. I am so grateful for the guidance and peace this gospel brings to me daily and I can't wait to share it with those who haven't been nearly as lucky as me. It just reminds me of the responsibility I have to serve others, since I have been so blessed.
Thanks for all of your letters and prayers! I really can't believe how lucky and blessed I am.  It's hard not to be positive and happy when the Lord has given us so much and asked for so little comparatively.  Even though we have stressors and trials and annoyances, the Lord will help us through all things if we strengthen our sacred relationship with Him! I love you all and I am so grateful for your examples and kindness.
Palangga ko kamo!
Sincero, Sister Smoot

I saw Jennessa! (one of my college roomates)

I had to go to the Immunization clinic and the line was so long that we missed lunch. So we had to find some lunch from the vending machine. Surprisingly, this was not the most sketchy thing that we have eaten.

Our Sister Training Leader Sis. Brown left to the Philippines Cebu mission speaking Cebuano.  She was the most energetic person.... ever.

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