Monday, May 13, 2013

Entering the MTC - May 8, 2013

Sister Ashley Smoot Entered the MTC in Provo, Wednesday, May 8th 2013.  Here are some pictures of that day. The girls wanted to get out of school at the last minute to see her off. It was a little emotional but we were also so excited for her. The time had finally come! We ended up going out to lunch for one last request...IN-N-OUT. We then went to the temple to take some last pictures together as a family for 18 months! We will miss her but we know she is doing the best thing she could do right now- serving the Lord. Philippines watch out! Here comes Ashley.

Another thing very cool was that Steve's parents work at the MTC right now as hosts and greeters on Wednesdays welcoming thousands of missionaries. So here is Grandma Smoot welcoming Ashley. She saw us ran down to stop #20 and just swooped Ashley up into her arms. That was so cool and comforting for all of us. We kissed, hugged and off she went. We got back in the car and it was funny. Total silence and lots of tears. We sure are going to miss her but we are so happy for her.

In-N-Out Burger

Ashley and her friend Annie saying goodbye

One last family picture together!

Ash and McKenna 

Ash and Megan 

Ash and Lilly 

Ash and Dad

Ash and Mom 

Ash and Ally 

It was so fun to see grandma Smoot swoop Ashley up into her arms to welcome her to the MTC
It's starting to rain!

It's starting to RAIN
I guess this will be quick

Ash and Grandma Smoot 

She's in good hands!
Good Luck Ashley-SEE YOU IN 18 months!

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