Monday, January 20, 2014


Saying goodbye to sister natarte

This was Christmas Eve with our Relief Society President and her family in Pulupandan 1st ward. They were so kind and prepared so much food for us. They had us eat first and their whole family waited until we were finished with dinner and dessert before they got to eat. This tradition makes me very uncomfortable, but makes me love them so much more. They are a neat family and they continue to help Pulupandan, even though both me and sister Natarte have transferred.

Teaching in an area on my first day in Cadiz. I don't remember the name of the place.... but it's right next to "Crossing Carmen" Autencio Family

My area. This is us hiking to a house on top of a hill. This is actually the same hill that we got stuck on while it was raining and we were stuck in the mud up to our ankles.  We kept walking up the hill, but we weren't going anywhere, it was like walking on a treadmill. So we took off our shoes and carried our muddy shoes in one hand and our muddy skirts in the other and kept trecking up the hill to our appointment. Missionary work is really fun!

Me and sister madronio before she transferred

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