Friday, October 4, 2013

Week # 19 (Sept 30, 2013)

Best week so far! Transferred and training in a new area

Dear Family!
This week has been a little different but definitely one of the greatest on the mission so far. We had an emergency transfer on Tuesday morning and I left my home (haha first area) in Magsungay to go to Pulupandan 1st ward in Bago stake. My new companion is Sister Natarte from Baguio and she is very good at missionary work.  She is also very beautiful. She was a model for a while, but it took me a while to learn that. She has been calling me beautiful for the whole week and insisting that I look exactly like Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) who is apparently her Idol. Then yesterday I just found out she was a model, so now we just joke all the time about how we should have the highest number of investigators now. (It is just a joke and only in the privacy of our home). We are very similar in personality and it has been the funnest week of my whole mission. Even though there is a slight language barrier, we are already really good friends and I'm excited for the rest of her training. She is a brand new missionary too and had only been in the area for two weeks before I got here. She doesn't know Ilonggo and she teaches in Tagalog, but we are slowly helping her learn more Ilonggo. Switching from training an American to Training a Filipina is a little different, but definitely a good change. She can still communicate with the members though since this is a more Tagalog area, but I'm learning a lot.  Since we are both new, it's like starting from scratch and we are doing a lot of finding activities. It's been so amazing. This area is a lot different From Magsungay. It's a lot of fields of sugar cane and rice fields, but it's a lot of fun. Let's just say it smells a lot better.  Also, this is the cutest little village ever. There are these gorgeous flowers that just grow naturally along the side of the roads and the ground doesn't have much litter. Just dirt! It's so clean compared to the city. We don't have a shower any more, just the bucket system, but it makes it a lot quicker. Still no heated water and no AC, but I'm starting to prefer the fans and cool water. We are also living in a cute little house instead of an apartment and there are six sisters instead of four. It's split into two wards. Me and Sister Natarte are in a different ward since we have two elders in our ward. But I love living with more sisters. Safety, and excitement, and two of them are our Sister Training Leaders for our zone, so I can ask any question and they can help. I feel like I'm in a paradise in this area and I'm sorry I haven't really discussed missionary work, but just know that everything is going well and this will probably be my favorite transfer of the mission! Love you all a bunch!
Sister Smoot

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