Tuesday, July 23, 2013

 Our bathroom. One shower for four missionaries in the morning is a lot of fun, but at least we have one! Where is the toilet paper? I'm the only one who uses it. I'm too shy to ask how that all works so I pray I won't run out! 

The brooms here are so small. I am getting really good at crouching down in peoples houses, and during cleaning. Those are our desks in the back. Just me and Sister Manosig. The other sisters have desks in their rooms. Don't you just love my humid hair do?

 2. This is our kitchen. It is pretty big. This is where I run every morning.... in circles and circles... it's better than running in place. Since I'm the only one who exercises I have to stay inside.

The smallest red onion I have ever seen! Everything is smaller in the Philippines! That's a saying here. This is the normal size of the onions. It's funny to cut up all these vegetables- it only takes a few seconds.

 Bishop Basa and his niece Sister Milamar who is 12. One of our first baptisms

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